Only 40% of the Bangalore’s sewage water is treated and for a city staring at a water crisis, things can only go worse from here. Water is a big issue in Bangalore and the disappearing lakes of Bangalore are back in the spotlight. The Bangalore Water Supply and Sewage Board(BWSSB) in its efforts to curb the situation has proposed that apartment complexes in the city should mandatorily install Sewage Treatment Plant(STP). 

But this did not go well with the apartment owners and as per media reports, around 10,000 people under the Bangalore Apartments’ Federation(BAF) in Bangalore held a silent protest against the decision of BWSSB on 3rd December 2017. Sewage Treatment Plant is not only a costly measure, but takes a lot of spacing. Dual piping is highly impossible in already existing buildings since lot of changes have to be done in plumbing lines.

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STP protest

STP protest. Source- The Hindu

BAF General Secretary, Srikanth Narasimhan, who was also in the rally said that a single Sewage Treatment Plant will cost more than Rs 1.25 crores which is highly expensive. The rally was held at 40 locations in the city and people had formed human chains to show their discomfort with the regulation by the BWSSB. He further suggested the BWSSB to increase the efficiency of already existing STPs and should setup STP at various locations instead of apartments.

While BWSSB thinks that there are compact STPs available. They are stuck on their decision that 50 unit apartments constructed before 2016 and 20 unit apartments constructed from 2016 onwards will have to construct Sewage Treatment Plants by 31st December 2017. The owners of the apartments were already made to sit in workshops and were told how to go about it.

In the event if apartments fail to install STPs then BWSSB will charge 25% of water and sanitary charges as penalty from January to March 2018 and after March, 50% till the time STPs are installed.

Stay tuned for more updates on this issue. We are closely following up on this.

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