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Below are some product screenshots showing how easy it is to post your property on Get Me Roof. Please note that the above link works only on web/desktop as of now and the support for mobile is coming very soon. On mobile, you will be redirected to Get Me Roof Blog.

Step by step guide to posting your property on Get Me Roof

Step 1: Select User and Property Type

On the first page, you are asked to choose whether you are an Owner, Agent or Builder and what kind of property you want to sell – Apartment, Villa, Independent House. Support for land/plots is coming soon. This forms the basis of your property ad and sets a clear expectation in the minds of a Buyer about the type of property being viewed and who is selling it.

Sell Your Property on Get Me Roof

Step 2: Define Project Name and Location of your Property

Define Property Location for your property

Choose in which project is your property available and it’s area/location. For an existing project in our records, both area and location will come as pre-selected and you don’t have to worry about defining it. You also need to enter complete address for your property so that buyers can get an exact idea of where your property is located. If it’s an independent house that you are selling, you can mention the building name as project name.

If your project name does not show up in our records, you can define a custom project name and location like below.

Add project name and location for your property

After filling your project name, location and address, you can point exact property location in the map on right and can confirm the location by clicking on the red marker. A confirmation pop-up will appear seeking your confirmation about the location of property.

Confirm property location

Step 3: Add Property Specifications 

Property specifications - Get Me Roof

On property specifications page, you can select bedroom, bathroom, balcony count for your property and can mention other details like super built up area, carpet area, tower, no. of floors in the building where your property is located, floor level of your property and which direction is the property facing. If you are an Agent, you also get to define your RERA ID/URL on this page.

Step 4: Possession and Price

Possession and Price of your property - Get Me Roof

On this page, you can define availability of your property. For under construction properties, possession will be sometime in future and you can define the period. For completed ones, it will be considered as immediate. Next you need to mention the price at which you are selling the property, whether the price is inclusive of heads like car parking, Preferential Location Charges(PLC), advance maintenance charges and club house charges or not. You can also mention any additional price you are expecting for the property. Finally, you get to define if the quote price is inclusive or exclusive of stamp duty and registration charges.

Step 5: Amenities, Security, Water and Power Backup

Amenities, Security, Water and Power Backup - Get Me Roof

This page lets you mention peripheral aspects of your property – the project amenities, water supply, power back up, overlooking view, gated security etc. These details are important if you want your property to stand out amongst buyers and flash these added incentives.

Step 6: Description, Property Photos, Contact Details

Property Description - Get Me Roof

Last amongst the few points, describe your property really well in the section shown above, covering salient points related to location, construction status, state of the property, amenities, neighbourhood and overall liveability factor. A well written description gives any buyer a true picture of your property for assessment without wasting time in knowing what the basic details of the property are. This can help you in connecting with potential buyers sooner and will let you close the deal faster.

Property Photos 

Property Photos - Get Me Roof

Disclaimer: Above property photos are for representations purposes only for this article and may not represent a true property

Needless to mention the impact property photos bring in your property ad. Clear photos of floor plan, kitchen, living room, amenities etc and anything else relevant to the property brings in an instant recognition factor in the minds of buyers. It is also the most important factor which determines if a potential buyer is interested in coming down for a site visit or not. Choose most important and clear photos for upload. Don’t under-do and over-do photos. Less photos leave a buyer curious and wanting to know more about how a property looks like. More photos make your property ad overwhelming to go through and absorb its content. A healthy balance of 15-20 photos is good enough for any property type.

Step 7: Contact Details of Seller

Finally, once you are done with all the property related details, do provide your name, email id and phone no so that buyers can contact you.

Seller Contact Details - Get Me Roof

Once the property is submitted. The Get Me Roof team reviews it for sanity and hygiene check and then makes it go live. We intimate you over email once your ad is live on Get Me Roof.

Sell Your Property on Get Me Roof

Happy Property Selling on Get Me Roof! Do write to us at team@getmeroof.com for any feedback around your property selling experience. Your valuable feedback will help us improve our offering.

Note: The offer to provide FREE leads is a promotional one and it is subject to terminate at any point of time without prior notice. 


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