Absence of funds and a disintegrating infrastructure has made decades-old housing societies in Pune and Mumbai endure. At present, Maharashtra has around 1 lac housing societies out of which thousands demand redevelopment. Finally, the Pune District Cooperative Society(PDCS) has come up with solutions to improve the conditions of old and worn-out buildings.

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Earlier in Pune, a housing society would require consent of 70% of the members to go for redevelopment but now the number has come down to 51% for the process. Other than this, the PDCS will set panels consisting of certified auditors, chartered accountants, advocates, architects. These panels associated with cooperative housing society and cooperative departments to help in redevelopment of projects. The Pune District Cooperative Society will also set independent panels to redevelop 7000 societies in Pune itself.

Pune has around 16,000 registered societies and many unregistered that are expressing interest. In Maharashtra, around 40,000 housing societies are likely to go redevelopment with 20,000 of them in Mumbai alone. The biggest concern was finding right architects, housing consultants, auditors, etc and that has been looked after by the PDCS.

This has been a great move in order to improve the old and crumbling buildings in Pune. With changes in the rules, societies can easily go for redevelopment without any hassle.

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