Living in a home owned by us gives a sense of satisfaction. Buying a home can be costly, most of us spend our entire life savings to buy a home. There are so many things to look on while buying a home like shortlisting, legalizing, required amenities, etc. When we are making a budget we tend to forget a very important aspect which is the interior designing and decoration cost.


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Interior Designing Vs. Interior Decoration

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Interior designing is different from interior decoration. You will certainly need an Interior Designer for interior designing. Skills like technical drawing, interior designing tools, space designing, material knowledge, etc.are required for Interior Designing. Anyone can have the ability to be innovative and create a majestic experience in your home but designing is different from decoration.

In India, not only metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, New Delhi are having Interior Designers but even in tier-2 and tier-3 cities as well. If you are interested in hiring an Interior Designer then it will add up to your budget. The cost of hiring an ID will vary from city to city and also the size of the project. Most of the ID take commission on the material they are using. Online consultations have also been opened which take lesser payment.

To sum up, the rates depend on these factors –

  1. Your budget
  2. Cost of Material Used
  3. Labour Charge
  4. Size of the project
  5. Spacing of the home
  6. Brand of the Material
  7. Interior Designer’s own portfolio

Interior Decoration

Interior Decoration can be a costly measure. There are so many things that are required for decorating your home. This cost is inevitable, one cannot keep a home empty. A lot of our money goes into furniture, beds, dining tables, etc. Hence, while calculating a home budget, we must take care of the cost we are spending on the interiors of the home.

Few Interior Decoration Items are –

  • Woodworking – Homebuyers should keep in mind that your home budget may increase due to the woodworking in our home. Almost everything is made of wood like furniture, cupboards, dining table. The price will depend on the material and where you buy from it.
  • Lightings – Several types of lightings are done in our home and they are of different quality and types. A lot of money is spent on the lights and light fixtures in Interior Decoration.

   Several types of questions will rise about lightings –

  1. What shall be the budget for lighting?
  2. What type of lighting should be used in your bedroom or bathroom?
  3. Which colour of lighting would match the paint?
  4. What will be the perfect size for lighting in different areas of your home?
  • Electrical appliance and fittings – Homebuyers should also make a budget for all the electrical appliance to be used in the home. Air conditioners, heater, geysers, microwave and all others according to the requirement. One also needs to focus on the electrical fittings used in our homes. They should be long lasting and of good quality. One needs to invest a good amount of money in electrical materials to ensure the efficiency and safety of the house members.
  • KitchenKitchen is the heart of the home. From cookware to a chimney, so many things are needed to make it complete. In some homes, a kitchen might be of smaller size, hence it is better to have a budget before-hand and plan out what things are important.

Living in a home is simply not buying, it is much more than that. A home is made of efforts that everyone in the family puts up. Hence, one should keep in mind to include the interior designing and decoration costs in the budget.

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