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Home Buying Guide

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Helping home buyers with property purchase process is central to Get Me Roof’s vision. We totally understand how tedious, and cumbersome home buying experience can be for an end buyer. Listed below is a step by step guide to help you in your home buying journey. This guide is filled with loads of important insights and tips which can help you at every step of your journey.

While we are thrilled to have our work for you to read, absorb, contemplate and finally act on it, we are all ears to your feedback on the content of this guide. Feel free to share your candid opinion and thoughts with us on team@getmeroof.com. This will help us improve our work and will eventually have an impact on new home buyers who can learn from experience of others.

Guide 0: Precursor to Indian Real Estate: 

A Guide to Understanding RERA and its Impact on Indian Real Estate

Guide 1: Discovering Projects

8 Ways to Discover Your Dream Property

Guide 2: Shortlisting Projects

11 Steps to Shortlisting Real Estate Projects for Buying

Guide 3: Comparing Projects

6 Steps to Comparing Real Estate Projects for Buying

Guide 4: Property Site Visits

The Ultimate Guide to Carrying Out Property Site Visits

Guide 5: Ventilation (a supplement to site visits guide)

The Ultimate Guide to Natural Ventilation in Apartments

Guide 6: Property Legal Review

The Ultimate Guide to Carrying Out Legal Review of Properties

Guide 7: Negotiating Best Price

The Ultimate Guide to Negotiating the Best Price in Real Estate

Guide 8: Home Loans

Things to Keep in Mind When Going for Home Loan

To be continued…