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Companies invest in getting the word out about their offerings. Real Estate Companies are no different. From getting a prime advertising spot at the airport to prominent hoardings near business centers. You will find advertisements from Real Estate Developers all over the city.
One of the things that can be missed are Property Expos(exhibitions) or Property Shows. Companies spend a lot to setup a booth at these events. Especially trained sales managers with investment brochures and other sales material meet prospective buyers. Every company prepares in advance for a property show because they will be able to meet new customers face to face.
Buyers get an opportunity to ask face to face questions from the sales representatives. Companies always try to outdo each other. You could see some fancy representations, aerial photography, virtual walk-through with VR etc. All this to help you get a better perspective of your future home.
Apart from builders, you meet bank representatives who help you understand loan process. And other schemes which can help you buy your dream home.
Special Schemes
Some of the special schemes floated are:
  • 10-80-10 (10 percent payable by customer at the time of booking; 80 percent financed by the bank and last 10 percent payable by customer on possession)
  • 20-80 (20 percent on booking and 80 percent on possession)
  • Bank interest levied on your loan amount during construction phase is given as a discount by the builder
  • Better interest rates offered by some banks at these property shows only
  • Discounts on rate per square feet
  • Price negotiation on total price
  • Negotiation on payment terms
  • Some builders also offer gifts like watches, phones, laptops or even cars aimed at nudging you over to them
Popular Property Expos
Some of the better-known property shows are:
There are others organized by local bodies like a Business Park, Residential Community etc.
Some builders have their own events as well. These are helpful for investors who want to explore a particular developer in depth, and want to see all their offerings at one place.
What you must do at these Expos
Interested buyers should go to these events prepared. Some of things you may want to do are:
  1. Carry a pen and a notebook to take notes of important points
  2. Take brochures from all developers of interest to you
  3. Take Business Cards of all sales and bank representatives you meet. You can use these to write anything specific, it will help you remember what you had thought at the time.
  4. Check on the various certifications that the builder has got for the project
Our take on Expos
Property Expos can be of great help as you get to compare the offerings of competitors at one place and time. This is also a chance to compare Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 projects. In one day you can compare amongst various properties and get answers to some of the questions you had. When you can compare between few properties in a particular area and price range, every little bit of information and detail can be helpful in getting to a decision. If you’ve already made up your mind, you might be able to get a better interest rate on loan or a freebie.
It is recommended to meet and understand at least 5 developers at these expos to get a better understanding of the upcoming projects. Isn’t it better than to visit them one after another?
When you zero down on one project, you can visit the Builder and carry out further discussions. Subsequently, negotiate the best deal.
Tell us what you think and share your experiences if you’ve attended some of these events.
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