Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) had given two months to the public to raise objections and suggestions for the Revised Master Plan 2031 – Bangalore. After considering all the suggestions and objections, the plan would be approved by the High Court.

Around 8,031 people participated in this initiative and sent 8,869 suggestions and objections to the BDA. BDA accepted suggestions till 23rd January and decided not to postpone the proceedings as suggested by the representatives and NGOs.

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As per the provisions of the Karnataka Town and Country Planning Act, 1961, it is mandatory for the authorities to accept all the suggestions and objections given by the public. And this is the reason why the Bengaluru Metropolitan Planning Committee has requested Chief Minister Mr. Siddaramaiah to extend the deadline so that all the errors incurred in the RMP 2031 would be taken care off.

It is yet to see how the city will be shaped by 2031. The only concern for people is that BDA is only concentrating on accommodating 2 crore people but ignoring the environment. They have started having a perception that the Revised Master Plan is only for builders. The review committee has already started processing the suggestions but they are expected to receive another 1,000 suggestions if they extend the deadline. It clearly shows how much the citizens of Bangalore are actively participating in shaping their city.

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