GetMeRoof Blog aims to provide deep insights to stakeholders in the real estate industry in India primarily in the residential space.

Our blog is read and subscribed by thousands of Home Buyers, Tenants, Builders/Developers, Brokers/Brokerage Firms, Banks/NBFCs, Property Lawyers, Architects, Interior Designers and even personnels working in steel & cement verticals that are indirectly involved with the real estate industry.

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On home buying front, our blog publishes regular and detailed guides, hacks and tips to buy a suitable property for your needs. On renting front, we help you save brokerage from our constantly updated posts on how to make direct connection with property owners.

Our mission is to primarily make property purchase experience hassle free with insights and updates that can be eye opener for home buyers especially the first time buyers.

Through our blog we want you to be constantly updated with the changing face of real estate industry in India. We are also India’s first online platform to provide authentic property reviews.

Our founding team has years of experience in hunting properties either for buying or renting in diverse cities of Mumbai, Bengaluru, Delhi/NCR and more.

We very well understand how localized real estate phenomenon is and that’s why we have city specific real estate news threads on our blog.

While property purchase life cycle has multiple phases – discovery, shortlisting, comparisons, negotiations, financing and closure, at each step we aspire to help Buyers make informed decisions before they close on their dream property.

Read our well crafted Home Buying Guide for step by step guidance around home buying.

On renting front, while discovery, shortlisting, comparison processes remain the same, negotiations and financing take very less time comparatively. Read our guide to save brokerage while renting.

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