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GetMeRoof's objective is to make property buying experience hassle free for Home Buyers. We are India's first property portal offering Personalized Property Recommendations. We match your location, price, floorplan and other buying preferences with best projects and properties available in the market.

Home buying journey on GetMeRoof. Get best property recommendations for your real estate investment.

Every recommended property on GetMeRoof comes with a Property Score™ - generated as per your preferences. The score lets you relatively understand how good a property is for your investment needs. For instance, a 2 BHK property in a particular project can be rated 9.5 on 10 for you while the same property can be rated 7.3 for another home buyer because of different buying preferences. In addition, every Property Score™ gives you a break up with sub-scores for individual components like Location Score, Price Score, Floorplan Score, Possession Score, Amenity Score etc. This gives you a clear indicator about the property as per your important buying preferences.

On GetMeRoof, you can shortlist any of the property options available at one or more projects in a common bucket called Shortlists. For example, a 1100 sqft - 2 BHK at Project A and a 1400 sqft - 3 BHK at Project B can sit in your Shortlist bucket for easy reference and comparison. You can also shortlist any of the resale properties into your Shortlists for evaluating best property deal across both primary and secondary markets.

GetMeRoof acts as a true Personal Assistant for your Home Buying needs. You can rely on us with your end to end home buying journey. Discover best available properties with our Personalized Property Recommendations, compare Property Scores, shortlist preferred properties, add your personal notes and observations about properties in your Shortlists, negotiate with Builder, Agent, Owners and track your Best Property Deal on GetMeRoof.

Write to us at team@getmeroof.com or call us on +91-974-2222-462 with your feedback and suggestions on our offerings and how you would like us to improve.

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Get Me Roof is India's first real estate portal to offer personalized property recommendations. Discover and compare properties on the basis of Property Score(TM) on Get Me Roof. Track your home buying journey, negotiate with Sellers and get the best property deal using Shortlists. Get Me Roof is your online home buying assistant.

Disclaimer: Get Me Roof is only an intermediary offering its platform to facilitate the transactions between Builder/Agent/Seller/Lessor and Home Buyer/Tenant/Lessee and is not and cannot be a party to or control in any manner any transactions between the two. Project or Property related information on Get Me Roof has been provided directly by the Builder/Agent/Seller/Lessor or have been collected from publicly available sources, and has not been verified by Get Me Roof independently. The information sources which we use include marketing collateral of the project sent by the builder and other secondary information sources available on the internet. At Get Me Roof, we aggregate information points of different Projects/Properties available for sale/rent, from different publicly available sources, such that the Home Buyer/Tenant/Lessee can search and explore the available Projects/Properties in one place and decide on the next steps. The Projects/Properties information points have not been verified by us against authentic documents and are only indicative of the situation of the Project/Property/Land holding, and their ownership. Get Me Roof shall neither be responsible nor liable for any inaccuracy in the information provided here and therefore any user of this site including but not limited to Home Buyer/Tenant/Lessee is requested to independently validate the information from the respective Builder/Agent/Seller/Lessor before making their decisions related to Projects/Properties/Land holdings displayed on the site. Get Me Roof, its directors, employees, agents and other representatives shall not be liable for any action taken, cost/expenses/losses incurred, by you, based on the information given on the portal. Get Me Roof shall neither be responsible nor liable to mediate or resolve any disputes or disagreements between the Builder/Agent/Seller/Lessor and Home Buyer/Tenant/Lessee and allss parties shall settle all such disputes without involving Get Me Roof in any manner.

The display of information on Get Me Roof with respect to any Builder/Developer/Project/Property does not guarantee that the Builder/Developer/Project/Property is registered under the The Real Estate (Regulation And Development) Act, 2016 or is compliant with the same and there is a possibility that the authorities may deny the registration or revoke the registration if the same has been granted or take any other action for non-compliance.